Sunday, August 8, 2010

Smashing the Watermelons

So, many of you know I can eat, oh, like an ENTIRE watermelon in one sitting. Because, you know, nothing's better for someone with food issues than BINGEING ON ONE FOOD.

Anyhow, I've been careful since I started stepping off the Topes a few days ago. But yo, I need some FROOT. Not in the Loop variety. I'm sick of apples, and bananas take days to get near the grossly, almost-rotten state I love them in.

So what's a lady to consume? WATERMELONS! Yes, and it was even ON SALE at the Whole Foods, all chopped up for my eating pleasure.

For anyone who's bought froot at the Whole Foods, I had the big container, the round one. Not sure exactly how much, but it was a decent amount, because, you know, it's ALL WATER. AND PINK.

About 30 minutes later, OH, THE HUMANITY. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, put me out of my misery.

So I think. What have I eaten today? One bowl of organic Oat-O's with some organic milk, and the watermelon. I THINK WE HAVE THE CULPRIT, as the Oat-O's and milk never caused an issue, and once, about 6 months ago, I had a watermelon slush at work that nearly killed me (I was convinced they put nutra-sweet in it, natch.)

Soooooo. No MELON FOR ME. I need to wait a few days, and re-test, but I suspect that I can have a tiny bit, but more than a couple cubes and I'm done for. JERKS.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Trails....To Me?

So, back in the saddle for the restriction diet, as I'm having to wean myself off of my migraine meds.

For those that didn't know, I was on 125 mg of Topamax daily, 75 AM, 50 PM. I had cut back to 100 mg, 75/25, and was tolerating that, until recently, when I was placed on a heavy dose of antibiotics for two months to treat a skin infection (thanks stinky cat with your GROSS FEETS on MAH FACE!) The combination somehow tipped me over the edge, and triggered a lesser-known side effect of Topamax: severe depression. The reality is that Topamax is a heavy anti-seizure drug that targets the temporal lobes of the brain-it's used off label for a number of things, from compulsive behavior, to depression, and so on. For someone who's not depressive naturally, it can be a dangerous medication if not monitored properly.

Anyhow, this drug does work for many, many people-I'm not saying you shouldn't take it, or that it's inherently evil-but if you do, please monitor yourself-be aware of your moods, changes in behavior, and the like. Have someone who can be your external bellweather-you'll lack the ability to judge yourself after a time, because the drugged you becomes the reality.

So, I'm taking myself off, and as I know I'll be increasing my chances of migraines exponentially, it's back in the saddle for me, in terms of what's making me barf.

I'll also be blogging about titrating off the meds, for those that choose to do it as well-it's not easy, and there isn't that much anecdotal literature out there, so I don't mind adding to it.