Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day Dairy: Post Milk & Yogurt

So far this morning I've ingested milk with my coffee. Skim milk. I put a decent amount in my coffee, but I only had half a cup. Starting the 2nd cup.

Also had some 2% Fage plain yogurt about 5 minutes ago, and am waiting for a reaction.

So far today, I feel like I might be slightly more congested, but can't tell if that's just my normal allergies. I can't tell if I have more of a headache-I awakened with a slight headache this morning. Not a migraine, not vertigo, but was not feeling 100% to start with, which is making the testing slightly more challenging than it should be. OF COURSE. My body simply cannot make ANYTHING easy.

If I am reacting, the more I eat today, the worse things should get as the day goes on. I have to admit, I'm relieved thus far that there's no noticeable, immediate reaction. I might be able to keep CHEESE in the diet. This at least means I can tolerate it in small amounts, so there's that.

Speaking of cheese, that's the next blog post this afternoon. My friends gave me some delicious string cheese to consume as part of my test. WOOT. Am looking forward to it. HOORAY FOR CHEESE.

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