Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day Sugar: Shock

So, sugar was....disappointing. It was good, in and of the fact that there wasn't an immediate reaction. However, I felt...weird. ALL DAY. Therefore, I shall re-test sugar again at a later date. I think I might have a tolerance for it, basically small amounts should be fine.

The test consisted of eating a sugar cube every 15 minutes and waiting for a reaction. After the 6th cube (about a tablespoon of sugar) and consuming a banana so I wouldn't barf, I felt remarkably dizzy, but that might have been the lack of any protein today.

Until dinner I ate two bananas and a bunch of sugar. Gross!

Weight this morning 111.2, holding steady, woot!

So, not much to report. I did have some steak and salad for dinner when I got in since all that sugar made me a little loopy.

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